Why Giving Up Is NOT an Option

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9 out of 10 entrepreneurs, if asked, will say that their business is awesome. They would say that their business ideas, practices, services, customer service, and everything about the business is absolutely awesome. The question now is, why are so many entrepreneurs giving up on their business? If every thing is absolutely awesome, why give up? Here’s one of our answers to that deep thought- provoking question. Awesome is not easy. Awesome businesses and awesome ideas must be anchored to a strong mind. What is a strong mind? A strong mind is a decisive, sound, and unshakeable mind that doesn’t waver when shaking occurs. The economy is shaking, but a person with a strong mind doesn’t get off track or lose focus due to the state of the economy. Rather, let the state of the economy be your inspiration for a new idea or service, in other words leverage where you can and tweak what you can’t leverage. But, giving up is never an option.

Many business owners would probably say they were born with a strong mind, and to some degree innate characteristics do play a role, but a strong mind is developed and continually strengthened over time. Not time alone, but time going through business ups and downs, living and learning, persevering, enduring, staying focused and pursuing what others steer away from. That is how the mind is strengthened. You can’t be afraid to mess up. You can’t revert back to an adolescent’s mindset of getting in trouble. Fear will keep any entrepreneur from reaching their goals, and will keep any business from rising to its full potential. Fear is always around. So, how do we shake fear? Yelling, “I’m not afraid” one-hundred times at your reflection may have a very, very short term positive effect, but for lasting impact, shake fear with persistence. Even if you have to make a decision that is scary, do it scared. Never stop moving and never allow stagnation to take root in your life or in your business. Stagnation is one stubborn zit for sure. It’s hard getting it to leave, and could pop back up if you don’t address the underlying problem.

There are so many different reasons why an entrepreneur could give up: From ill-informed decisions, to no decision-making, no money, no clients, not enough education, not enough skills, no help, no structure, no organization, no respect in the industry, the list of no’s and not’s can get longer and longer. Here’s where you get your breakthrough. The no’s and not’s can be overshadowed by one simple phrase, “I will!” I will what? Become more organized, more skillful? Maybe, and that would be awesome. But, as the business owner, the visionary, it’s more important for you to keep the vision alive. It is much more important for you to believe and say, I will persevere, I will be determined to sustain and grow in my success. How can we undoubtedly say you are successful and we don’t know who you are or how your business is standing? Well, you are successful because you are still in the game. You are successful because you woke up this morning to tackle the challenges of entrepreneurship another day, another year, or maybe another decade. You have not given up. What we’re talking about today is not how to become successful. If you are still in business, you are successful. What we’re talking about is thriving, how to reach a place of continual growth no matter how great or minor the challenges are, or how much or little your profit is right now. In order for an entrepreneur to get to thriving status, he or she must have a strong mind and learn how to continually grow. Thriving is going beyond your (not others) expectations for yourself and for your business. There are millionaires and possibly billionaires who have resulted to self-destruction, this lets us know that success and thriving can’t be defined by income or tangible possessions. We believe true success and thriving status is attained when your assets include perseverance and a strong mind. Entrepreneurs, you are thriving when you have learned how to get through tough challenges and not self-destruct. Never give up.

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