We Don’t Just Create Amazing Websites, We Create Brands.

Logo design is one of the first and most important components in building your company’s brand identity, image and culture. A logo’s design is the first impression your customers have of your company. And because first impressions are initially derived from visual perceptions, it is vital that your logo design attracts attention, captures the essence of your company at first glance and leaves a great lasting impression.How would you know if your brand made a great, lasting impression? Well, your brand should evoke an emotion within your audience to cause them to take an action, such as purchasing your product or hiring you for services, and then referring you to friends and family. There is a principle in life that beauty alone cannot bring total satisfaction.This principle is not confined to human beings, it is very much relative for businesses. You can get 100 compliments on your logo, but if it is not evoking the right emotion to drive your audience to BUY, then your logo is simply beautiful but ineffective. During our client consultations for branding and logo design we always advise a company to have the intention to build your company with a strategy: Establish or re-invent a brand culture, a brand identity, and a logo that will drive your audience to fall in love with your brand and become your, what we like to call, brand evangelist. Statistics show that the purchasing behavior of the average person is based on brand rather than price or anything else. A brand is cultivated over time, but you must start on the path that will lead your brand to success. Over time, as you build your identity and brand, customers will associate the qualities of your company with your logo, brand identity, and brand culture.
Now, take a moment and glance around your office or home. How many different logos do you see? What do you think of when you see each of the logos? You will notice that logos are conveying more than just what the product or service the company provides. If you look at a car logo, the logo and branding represents more than just a car. The logo and branding conveys a message about the car and the company associated with it. As a symbol, the logo conveys the quality of their products; you remember your experience with a company, the quality of their service and whether or not you would use or buy from them again. There are a few myths attached to logo design that we believe can hurt, even damage a brand, especially one that is in the beginning stages of formation.



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Collect all materials needed to help organize your thoughts and explain your project to us.


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This is our initial conversation with you that kickstarts the process. At this stage we learn as much as we can about your company and its values. We dig deep into the core of your company and extract the essentials for developing the perfect logo.


At this stage we roll up our sleeves, bait our lines, and cast our reels into a sea of potential icons, symbols, and fonts that communicate your company’s brand best. We also look at what your competitors have been able to do successfully.


We match up your vision with the creativity of our designers to create a visual that will serve your company well for years to come. Typically we go through 2-3 rounds of logo revisions.