Are your passwords strong enough?

You’re creating a new account to stream your favorite TV shows, to connect with friends on the latest social network, or to keep up with your child’s progress at school, and in the process you run into the dreaded, “Your password is not strong enough.” You’re in a tight spot now because you cannot use your child’s name and birth year like you always have in the past. Now you’re directing evil thoughts at your computer or the organization behind this, right? It’s absolutely their fault for making you create a nearly impossible password to remember!

If you think back a few years, no one ever asked you if your password was strong enough. However, times have changed and privacy has been increasingly threatened due to online user account hacks over the years. So what’s left for you to do? Write all of your passwords down in one place so that you can just look them up later? Have your browser to remember all of your passwords for you? It offers, so you might as well accept, right? As tempting as those options might sound, they are limiting and also a huge security risk for yourself and your business.

Manage Strong Passwords, Don’t Allow Them to Manage You

Using a password manager is a great option to keep you sane and from feeling overwhelmed the next time you need to create a strong password to protect your information. Maybe you’ve heard of password managers, but have been skeptical or thought them to be too much trouble. Ask yourself this question, how much time do I lose daily or weekly guessing, searching for passwords, or resetting them because I have forgotten them? This
can be a great frustration and a huge time-waster for busy professionals like yourselves.

The solution to your problem is as simple as a password manager. Sometimes you just need a little organization added to your life to give you the peace of mind that you need. Give password managers a try to help you manage all of your passwords. There are many to choose from and some have free versions to sample. On the other hand, if you want to get the most out of password managers, you can cough up a little money and pay as little as $12. That’s a small price to pay for what you might stand to lose without a password manager. Here are a few I recommend you choose from: Dashlane, LastPass, and Sticky Password. LastPass is my personal favorite. LastPass allows you to access your passwords from the cloud which means that your passwords are virtually always with you. It’s super user-friendly, and I’ve found this password manager to be a huge time saver. You can take my word for it, or just give it a shot and you can decide which password manager works best for you and your needs.

Calvin Reed
Web Consultant

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