We are a diverse team of both technical and non-technical professionals who have come together to make your digital marketing vision a reality. Design is not only a skill that we find ourselves endlessly enhancing, but it is a shared passion for us. We use our matchless design skills to accentuate the message you want to effectively convey using compelling web and graphic design work. We often get asked, “What sets your company apart from the millions of others who do what you do?” We remain unmoved on our stance that there is no other company who can match our exact creativity and skills. Every company is as unique as the individuals who run them. As you may have learned, building websites is almost as detailed of a project as building a home. We are extremely thorough in our streamlined process to help make the building phase less stressful. We have committed to creating an experience for our clients that brings a sense of ease and enthusiasm. We get joy out of bringing your visions to life, and we get the most satisfaction out of witnessing your reaction to what has come from the unseen into the seen.


Calvin and Tiffany are not only business partners, but life partners. This business is the perfect blend of both of their professional backgrounds and their shared passion and skills in various areas of design.



As the CEO/Co-Founder of Reedmember, I delight in operating in my lane and doing what I do best. I focus more on the growth and advancement of our company and the overall satisfaction of our clients. I know a great deal about digital media and technology. For over 15 years, I made a living building and overseeing the construction of great websites with clean code, good design, proper functionality, and helping it serve its purpose, according to each customers’ needs. Shortly after graduating cum lade from University of Houston with a BS in Computer Science, I started my professional career as a web programmer at one of the largest school districts in Houston. I excelled in that position and was quickly promoted by district leaders to the role of Webmaster. Very shortly after that, I was promoted to the second highest position in our department, Director of IT. While I loved my job and the great people I was blessed to work with, entrepreneurship seemed to be where my heart was. I began planning to go all in and take our part-time business to full-time status. In 2011, Reedmember was (legitimately) born. Outside of marriage to my beautiful wife, I feel this was the best move I could have ever made in my life.



Hello! I’m so glad you’ve decided to learn a little more about us. It’s very important that you take this time out to get to know your digital marketing team, after all, we’re going to have to learn a great deal about you in order to effectively produce your heart’s desire. As Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Communications, I oversee all things “beautiful.” I help ensure the design of your website and print marketing materials are beautiful. As a professional writer, I also ensure that the content writing on your website and print marketing materials are well written with beautiful and engaging language. I’ve always loved making things beautiful, even my outlines are gorgeous. I don’t believe in junk drawers, messy trash, or unorganized anything. It’s important to me that everything I touch comes up to the high standard of excellence and beauty that I require.

While attending undergraduate school, I worked at a men’s retail store where I dressed Pastors, businessmen, and other men who frequented the store. I loved putting their ensembles together, but I loved even more what I learned about working in an entrepreneurial environment. I attained great knowledge and skills helping run the store’s day to day needs for several years. After graduating with my BA in Communications with plans to go to law school, I got a good taste of Corporate America at one of the leading multi-national oil companies in the world. I learned an immense amount of skills, but I also learned that the corporate world was not for me. I was determined to succeed in entrepreneurship much like the guys at the men’s retail store. I have always had goals and plans to be among the successful self-employed, and to give people my rendition of beauty that surpasses vanity.